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Mailing address – P O Box 494, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

  • Tax Returns – Individual, Business, Estate and Family Trust  Bartlett has been studying tax law for over 35 years. She works hard to be sure you pay the lowest tax. With planning, the tax laws can work in your favor.
  • Divorce and Civil Mediation Bartlett has been admitted to the judges roster of mediators under Rule 1:40 for civil, and family law cases. Bartlett’s education, QuickBooks  and 30 years experience watching businesses make and spend money uniquely positions her to find the truth, the real values, and most importantly creative solutions to your mediation challenges.
  • Certified Forensic Accountant When you need the facts, Bartlett’s CrFA coupled with her years of QuickBooks and tax experience will find the truth. “I have found that opposing parties, whether business or marriage, will come closer to agreement in the process of discovering and understanding the truth.”
  • Licensed Private Detective When you need more than just a Forensic analysis of financial activity, Bartlett is only one of a handful of CPA’s who is also Certified Forensic Accountant and Licensed Private Detective.
  • Business -Valuations Bartlett’s valuations training combined with her investigative forensic education, extensive knowledge of QuickBooks  and 30 years business experience is the perfect mix to prepare a firm, defendable value for your business.
  • Business -Consulting Bartlett is a Certified Public Accountant with 30 years experience watching businesses make and spend money. She wrote the book on Small Business tune up and turn around “I can solve your business problems. I’ve probably seen them before.”
  • Business -Payroll Services We also provide payroll services for our business clients. These payroll calculations can be generated from our office with a simple phone call or we can set up QuickBooks payroll on your office computer and train you to process your own paychecks.
  • Business -Qualified QuickBooks Advisor Bartlett is known for her QuickBooks software training programs. No one can set up your business accounting system better than a CPA who is also a Qualified QuickBooks Advisor. “Every business is different so every client gets customized QuickBooks software set up. If we set up and input last year’s activity now, you’ll be ready with comparisons for this year. You can be trained to generate your own management reports so you know where the money is going and where the profit centers are. We can even set up payroll.

An appointment for your new beginning is just a phone call away.”  And… if you don’t have a computer, just send your business bank statements directly to Bartlett CPA and they’ll take care of everything. Her staff will set up, input and reconcile your business activity!

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